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Immune Support Probiotic

General Health | Digestion | Immunity

A premium, targeted probiotic formula containing 5 strains of beneficial bacteria combined with Vitamin C and Zinc to support the health and function of the immune system.

Specifically formulated to:

  • Reduce the severity of common cold symptoms
  • Decrease the duration of the common cold
  • Help reduce the occurrence of symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections

Our Formula


A blend of L. rhamnosus Lr-32, L. rhamnosus GG and L. paracasei Lpc-37 to strengthen your immune system.

Respiratory health

B. lactis Bl-04 to help with allergies and immunity in the respiratory system.

Digestive health

A combination of L. plantarum Lp-115, L. paracasei Lpc-37, and B. animalis ssp. lactis HN019 to treat diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive and gastrointestinal health issues.

How to use

Adults are recommended to take 1 capsule daily with water, or as directed by a healthcare provider.

Read the label and follow directions for use. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Store below 30°C in a dry place. Use within 3 months of opening. No refrigeration required.

Do not use if the label seal around cap is broken or removed.

Supplement Facts

Broad Spectrum Supplement Facts

"Each product is filled with not only some of the best probiotics but a little bit of happiness and kindness too."

Amy Brown, Community Manager

  • Live Bacteria

    15 different strains working together to improve your health.

  • General Health

    Our bacterial strains strengthen your microbiome to boost your general wellness.

  • Immunity

    Improve your defenses against antigens with our immunity boosting formulas.

  • Digestive Health

    Our strains aid in digestion to make sure you’re able to absorb more of the nutrients you need.

The "Forgotten" Organ

The microbiome is often considered the “forgotten organ” because it plays so many key roles in promoting the smooth daily operations of the human body - as much a part of human biology as our own cells. We simply cannot exist without our resident microbes. And if we treat them well, they will do the same for us.

"After using them for 3 months I've seen a significant improvement in my gut health and digestive track! I would recommend to anyone who is having trouble with their digestive track."

Lauren S.