Life-Space: Living Innovation

Meet Craig, Life-Space Founder

Life-Space was founded 20 years ago through the desire to explore an alternative path for healthy living. As one of our body’s most prominent defenses against diseases and an aid in gut health, a healthy microbiome can aid in a healthy lifestyle.

It was the vision of our founder, Craig Silbery, to make it his goal to craft a probiotic formula for each stage of our changing lifestyles and microbiomes. We carry on this vision with our blends of probiotics, crafted specifically for people from all walks of life.

Our Story

We are Life-Space, we specialize in Probiotics, and we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of the human microbiome.

Life-Space has become one of the leading brands of Probiotics in Australia and we have hopes of bringing the benefits of our formula to the rest of the world.