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Life-Space™ Probiotics

Do probiotics only benefit digestive health?

Probiotics not only benefit digestive health, but also confers other health benefits, such as supporting the immune system. There are also on-going research with mental health, weight loss etc.

Why do we need so many different strains of probiotics?

It’s really important to remember that not all strains of probiotics are the same. Each is unique and serves specific purpose(s) in your body. To improve your overall health and well-being , you may consider replenishing different bacteria strains as our health is linked to the diversity of our gut microbiome.

How soon will I experience health benefits from taking probiotics?

The amount of time it takes to experience benefits from probiotics may vary with each individual as everyone is different in terms of health status and condition.

Is your probiotic stomach acid resistant?

The strains used in Life-Space probiotics are acid and bile resistant. This is a general feature of our probiotic supplement.

Is Life-Space Urogen Probiotic For Women recommended for use during pregnancy?

The safety of cranberry has not been extensively studied for use in pregnant women, therefore we do not recommend this product during pregnancy.

Can I halve the dose of the Life-Space Probiotic Powder for Children and use it for my baby?

You are advised to use products recommended for the respective age range. Probiotic Powder for Children is recommended for children aged 3 – 12 years old and there is a Probiotic Powder for Baby aged 6 months - 3 years.  The probiotic strains in the two products are also different.

Can I give my 14-year-old teenager the Broad Spectrum Probiotic capsules?

We would recommend our Children Probiotic as it is better formulated for children and teenagers. Broad Spectrum Probiotic can still be taken by teenagers aged 12 and above.

Can pregnant woman take Broad Spectrum probiotic?

Yes, it can be taken during pregnancy.

What should I take if I am planning on getting pregnant?

If you are planning on getting pregnant, a suitable product to take is the Women's Microflora Probiotic. This could help support your urogenital and vaginal microbiome.

How are probiotics made and where are they sourced from?

Commercially used probiotic bacteria strains can have a variety of origins including human, animal and plant sources.
Bacteria are initially isolated from their origin and then cultured (grown) using specific nutrients suitable for each strain. These beneficial bacteria thrive and multiply from the addition of these nutrients via a process called fermentation. The probiotic bacteria are then rapidly frozen (freeze-dried) under strict controlled conditions.

How to Use

How often should I consume probiotics?

Probiotics are considered transient bacteria and may disappear when not consumed regularly. If dietary intake is inadequate, daily consumption of probiotics is recommended to maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

What is the small canister in the probiotic jar for?

The canister is the desiccant. It helps absorb moisture and is used to maintain the probiotic product. Please leave the desiccant(s) in the jar after opening.

What are the conditions for storage?

The probiotic product needs to be stored below 30 degree Celsius, in a dry environment with low humidity. Improper storage conditions can adversely affect the product. If cooler temperature and lower humidity cannot be achieved, storing probiotics in the refrigerator may be of further benefit.

Do high temperatures affect stability of the bacteria? Does temperature in transit affect product?

The probiotics are generally stable even with slight fluctuations of temperature above 30 degrees. It could pose more of a problem with prolonged exposure to higher temperatures.

My probiotic product is still within its expiry date but has turned brown. Can I still take them?

The probiotic capsules need to be consumed within 3 months after opening, regardless of expiry date.

Probiotic bacteria count diminishes over time. Will your probiotic product still contain the amount of probiotic stated on the label by the expiry date?

Probiotics do diminish over time, so to ensure Life-Space probiotics stay viable until the expiry date, we add an overage of bacteria to allow for a natural decline over time. However, the probiotic products do need to be stored at below 30 degrees and in a low humidity environment to ensure product integrity is maintained.

How to administer / give the probiotics powder to baby?

You may mix the powder into milk by shaking it in the milk bottle. Please ensure the temperature is below 40 degrees. The probiotic powder can also be mixed into food or other beverages.

How to mix the powder to improve solubility?

The probiotic powder contains prebiotic which is a fibre substance that may not dissolve easily.

To improve solubility:

Sprinkle the powder into lukewarm water, stirring with a spoon at the same time.

(Note: You may mix the probiotic powder into food but do not put it in hot food)

When to take probiotics? Before or after food? Best time to take?

The probiotics can be taken with or without food, with a glass of water, at any time of the day.

I am currently taking antibiotics. Can I also take probiotics?

You may also take probiotics. Please take the probiotics 2 hours apart from the antibiotics.

Can I take the probiotic for long-term or do I need to take a break from it now and then?

The probiotic can be taken on a daily basis for long-term.

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